Monday, July 16, 2007

A Perfect Example of How the Left Supports the Troops

It wasn't that long ago that the majority of Americans strongly backed our President and America's efforts in the war against radical Islam, more popularly known as the War on Terror. But in short order, the times, as Dylan might say, they were a-changin'.

Dean came way out of left field as an anti-war, anti-Bush candidate, and was but a "ye-haw!" away from winning Democratic nomination for President. Kerry, a former Vietnam protester who both accused his fellow soldiers and admitted himself to having committed war crimes, ended up with the nomination and began an all out assault on the war to liberate Iraq.

The Democrats, aided by the MSM, were able to convince the majority of Americans that Iraq was a personal war of vendetta, and unrelated to the greater war on terror.

I'll never forget watching Elizabeth Edwards host a townhall type meeting in which a large crowd of Kerry-Edwards supporting middle-aged women discussed how we leaned the lessons of Vietnam, and learned that we can support the troops but not their mission. Elizabeth Edwards said that the best way we can support the troops is to bring them home, to a room full of applause.

Since that time I have heard time and again the ridiculous assertion that Democrats support the troops, just not the war. The left repeatedly calls the war in Iraq a dismal failure, a quagmire, a "lost" war. When the right responds by asking, "How can you support the troops when you tell them that they cannot win, that their efforts have been a failure, and that they have already lost when they are still fighting and dying to keep you free?"

How can the left support the troops and simultaneously broadcast to the world that America has already lost? Try explaining that to the soldiers on the ground in Iraq!

The left usually responds by blaming the "failures" on the leadership (who, by the way, are still soldiers) and the President.

The truth of the matter is this: The left does not support the troops. They do not support the war on terror. They are not interested in keeping America safe from Radical Islam. Period.

I'd just like to thank Ted Rall for the inspiration for this post. He provided a stunning illustration of how the left supports the troops. Keep up the good work, Ted. Oh, by the way, I hope you get caught in a dark alley with some of the troops you "support."

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