Friday, January 5, 2007

Iraq War Mythology

I will be writing a series of posts on what I like to call Iraq War Mythology. The purpose of these posts will be to tackle common misconceptions, or myth's, about the war in Iraq. The misconceptions exist because of foundationless anti-war/partisan attacks and the awful way the press has handled the war in Iraq. I hope to take on these issues in a comprehensive but thoughtful manner.

I will not deny my conservative leanings will factor into my approach to these issues; however, my greatest concern is for the Truth. History is ongoing; unfortunately there are people trying to rewrite it as we go. Their concern is not for the truth, is not based in fact, and is only to obtain more political power.

I think we ought to just let the facts speak for themselves. Unfortunately, most Americans do not get the facts presented to them in an unbiased and objective manner. That is my goal. Find the facts, refute the myths.

Update: Jan 5th 2007 Iraq War Mythology Part 1: Why America Invaded Iraq
Update: Jan 17th 2007 Iraq War Mythology Part II: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Update in Progress: Iraq War Mythology Part III: Iraq and 9/11

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