Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doing The Jobs Americans Won't Do...

Let them in! They do the jobs American's won't do! American's don't want to work out in the fields. They are only migrant farmers, right?

Yeah right!

ICE: Nearly 600 detained in Miss. plant raid

Federal officials say nearly 600 suspected illegal immigrants were detained in a raid on a manufacturing plant in southern Mississippi, making it the largest such sweep in the country.

So American's won't work in factories anymore? I'm not buying it. These are jobs American's would be glad to do... but the factories seem to like fudging the books, not paying the taxes, and undercutting the hourly rate to someone who will take less. Not to mention that employers like this can exploit their workers without fear of their workers reporting it to regulatory authorty. To do so would risk deportation. It is disgusting.

And the whole argument about jobs American's wont do is garbage. More and more I see construction and landscaping creews full of illegals, fast food restaurants completely staffed with mexicans, and I hear of restaurants employing illegals in the kitchen where nobody is watching. While most American's wont work in fast food resturaunts or as kitchen staff, their kids would... if the jobs weren't already taken.

The same is true of working the fields. When I was a kid I still remember the neighborhood kids from miles around working in the fields for extra money. By the time I was a teenager the migrant farmers were working those fields. I don't remember the neighborhood kids telling they farmers that they wouldn't work there anymore.

The truth is we probably do need more workers. America's economy is still growing and if the millions of illegal workers left there would be a severe shortage of workers, but we have an immigration system in place and these people are breaking the law. Worst of all, they aren't coming here to assimilate and be part of the American Dream; rather, they come here to work for a few months or years, then go back, taking with them the fruits of their labor. They don't want a piece of the American Dream, they just want to steal a slice of the American pie.

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