Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clinton's Campaign Song Suggestions

Since Hillary wants America to help her choose a theme song for her campaign, the conservative blogs have had some creative suggestions her her list.

I was inspired by
Six Meat Buffet's list:
The Bitch is Back - Elton John
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
We Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who

So I went through my MP3 list and came up with some of my own suggestions:

Air bag - Radiohead
American Idiot - Greenday
Baby Got Back - Sir Mixalot
Badfish - Sublime
Badhead - Blur
Basketcase - GreenDay
Bed of Lies - Machbox 20
Better Off Without You - The Clarks
Bronzing the Garbage - The Mighty Might Bosstones
Certain Tragedy - Saves the Day
Chump - Green Day
Creep - Radiohead
Dead Wrong - The Fray
Death of a Party - Blur
Desperately Wanting - Better Than Ezra
Easy Target - Blink 182
Elderly Woman - Pearl jam
Everything Evil - Coheed and Cambria
Fool on the Hill - The Beatles
Freakish - Saves the Day
Hooker with a Penis - Tool
I Could Never Be Your Woman - White Town
I Think I Smell A Rat - The White Stripes
Idioteque - Radiohead
I'm a Fool - The Clarks
Jackass - Greenday
Jack-ass - Beck
Jaded - Green Day
Laughing Stock - Grandaddy
Loser - Beck
Mean Girl - Unwritten Law
Mess - Ben Folds Five
Nightmare Hippie Girl - Beck
No Brains - Sum 41
No Substance - Bad Religion
Pathetic - Blink 182
Prelude to Madness - Savatage
Prison Bound - Social Distortion
Reject - Green Day
Repeat Failure - The Delgados
Scumbag - Green Day
She Withers - Geggy Tah
She's Got A Problem - Fountains of Wayne
She's Got Issues - The Offspring
Soul Suckin Jerk - Beck
Sour Girl - Stone Temple Pilots
Stop this Train - John Mayer
Stupid - Toad of the Wet Sprocket
The Best Deceptions - Dashboard Confessionals
The Vampires of New York - Marcy Playground
The Young and the Hopeless - Good Charlot
Twisted Logic - Coldplay
Wasting Time - The Clarks
We're Not Right - David Gray
What a Mess - SR-71
Where is my Mind - The Pixies
Wrong Way - Sublime
Yellow - Coldplay

Think I missed a good one? Leave a comment.


Gordon said...

Wow! I don't think there is one song left that you didn't cover. ;-)

fabulinus said...

Oh I am sure someone can think of a few I missed =D

Anonymous said...

"I'm Gonna Hire a RINO"

"Bubba's Inconvenience Store"

Anonymous said...

hillary's a nice person but i think she should play kiss and say goodbye- the manhattans