Thursday, May 17, 2007


No... not the fat jerk's upcoming movie, but these pictures are sick.


Free Universal Healthcare: Cuban Style

The pictures depict the REAL Cuban healthcare system. Courtesy of Jeffrey Blanco, the Louisiana Conservative (via The Real Cuba)


R. Bobak said...

Pudgy propagandist Michael Moore is dead wrong to paint Canada's sicko socialist healthcare system (where it is illegal for a private citizen to pay for a doctor's services, or to buy private medical insurance) as a panacea for the supposed ills of the American system. We in Canada don't need Moore's boorish and infantile stereotypes. If Moore gets his way, he'd deprive tens of thousands of Canadians from obtaing healthcare in the States- in Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Philly- where they are forced to go because our Ontario state-run government health monopoly cannot provide timely treatment. Look to Massachusetts, and look to Quebec -jurisdictions where a private-parallel health system is developing, albeit from different extremes. Do not be conned by those who babble of "universal healthcare" - in Canada, that socialist scheme morphed,in less than 40 years, into a no-patient-choice, waiting-list rationed, state monopoly. In Ontario, healthcare spending alone consumes something like 45% of the entire provincial budget, yet shortages are a constant fact. Quebec's Supreme Court noted,in its 2005 Chaoulli decision, that access to a healthcare waiting list is NOT the same thing as access to healthcare itself. It's unbelievable that a point as clear as this had to go to the provinces' top court, against the howls of protest from pro-medicare activists, who for years successfully parlayed the charade that getting a bill of goods, was the same thing as getting the actual goods. The Canada/U.S. healthcare relationship is a strangely symbiotic one - we both have strengths and weaknesses in healthcare delivery. For Moore to promote an unsustainable monopoly system like ours,where Canadians die on government waiting lists for rationed care, is simply ignorant.

Anonymous said...

This here's from the Wall Street Journal. The kicker comes at the end...

During the largely flattering press conference, the few barbed questions came from Canadian journalists who criticized the film's overwhelmingly positive picture of universal health care in Canada. "I think you'd be hard pressed to find Canadians that would agree 20-40 minutes is a standard waiting time in a Canadian hospital," said Macleans magazine's Brian Johnson. "Why do you paint a picture so universally rosy in a country like Canada when it can undermine the credibility of your film?"
Mr. Moore acknowledged that health-care problems exist in Canada, the United Kingdom and France, all countries in which the film compares to the U.S.'s system, but he reiterated his opinion that U.S. industry remains far worse. "Would you give up your Canadian health-care card for an American one?" Mr. Moore said. "No," the journalist replied.