Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Republican Debate

Here are my thoughts on the Republican Debate last night. I only watched half of the debate (but I've read the full transcript).

I thought McCain did well. He answered his questions mostly right, but in doing so he also kicked sand in the face of the sitting President - commenting on the "mishandling" of the war. I actually think I could trust McCain to run this country, but I don't like him and I won't vote for him in the primaries.

I think Romney did well also. He had some easy questions to answer and he dropped the ball a few times, but he looks and sounds good. I think he would make a decent candidate, but he lacks the name recognition of McCain and Giuliani.

I think Giuliani did well. The net is abuzz over his smack down of Ron Paul, not to be confused with Rupaul. Most people think this Giuliani stole the show when he pointed out what a moonbat Ron Paul is. You can see the clip here.

I have to disagree with that sentiment. I think the line of the night came from Huckabee, who said, "[We have had a] Congress that's spent money like [John] Edwards at a beauty shop." Now THAT is funny. If this were last comic standing, I think Huckabee would have a better chance.

Ron Paul definitely had the worst showing. I don't know how that guy is allowed to put an (R) next to his name. He is the Kucinich of the Republican party in that he is a crazy, moonbat who has no business running for President.

My pick is still Giuliani. Second is probably Romney. After that it is a toss up. Strange that I identify myself as a conservative and my top two picks are not.

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