Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Centcom Reaches Out to Bloggers

I was contacted by a representative of CENTCOM today who had come across my Progress in Iraq posts.

The Sgt. informed me that CENTCOM is seeking to establish a relationship with bloggers to develop a dialogue about the Global War on Terror. He informed me of Centcom's weekly newsletter which contains 'stories about the humanitarian, reconstruction and security efforts taking place in the CENTCOM area of responsibility.'

I think this is a wonderful opportunity for the US military to reach out to people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn of the progress our military is making on a daily basis. During WWII, you couldn't watch a movie without seeing the progress reels that played before the movies. The military seemed to have unfettered access to the American people. These days, the mainstream media refuses to report anything positive happening in the middle east.

I understand the need to report the bad news too. The sad realities of war MUST also be reported by the press; however, to report ONLY the negative news does not present the reality of the situation either. The American press may as well be working for Al Qaeda when they openly report terrorist propaganda and refuse to report the progress our military men and women are making in the Middle East.

In any event, I am adding a link to CENTCOM on the sidebar and will add CENTCOM to my daily reader feeds so that I can expand my message about the progress not only in Iraq, but also to the greater global war on terror.

You may visit CENTCOM by clicking on the link below:

If you are a blogger and would like to get in contact with Centcom in order to learn more about the Global War on Terror, email me and I will help you get in contact with a CENTCOM representative.

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