Friday, April 20, 2007

Pork Bombs

After reading about the Logistically Pernicious Ham Steak at Protein Wisdom, also known as the Ham Steak of Hate over at LGF, I came up with an idea... Pork Cluster-Bombs.

Just think about it, bombs that do not contain lethal shrapnel, but instead are coated in delicious bacon... mmmmm.... We start first by blowing ham particles all over the West. Pork Bombs over America, Great Britain, maybe Europe. Hotdog chunks covering the continents.

Then, if we want to get really diabolical, we start hitting the Middle East. Cover the entire region in microscopic pork particles. Get the Ham into the air, into the soil, into the water. Cover the whole planet except for ... I dunno, France? Then we just keep the ever-present threat of pork bombs to keep the radical-Islamic element at bay.

Ta-daaa. International problems solved.

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