Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coulter Cash is Money Well Spent

The primping, preening, beauty queen otherwise known as John "da Fonz" Edwards has been putting your hard earned political contributions, aka "Coulter Cash", to good use:

Edwards' haircuts cost a pretty penny
Associated Press
WASHINGTON - Looking pretty is costing John Edwards' presidential campaign a lot of pennies. The Democrat's campaign committee picked up the tab for two haircuts at $400 each by celebrity stylist Joseph Torrenueva of Beverly Hills, Calif., according to a financial report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

FEC records show Edwards also availed himself of $250 in services from a trendy salon and spa in Dubuque, Iowa, and $225 in services from the Pink Sapphire in Manchester, N.H., which is described on its Web site as "a unique boutique for the mind, body and face" that caters mostly to women.

It is money well spent... he is soooo pretty

So pretty...

Democrats, please.... please keep giving this man your hard earned money. He wants to run for President; but more importantly, he wants to look good doing it.

Awwww, the Coulter Cash is no longer helping make John pretty.
Edwards reimbursing his campaign $800 for haircut

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