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Edwards Pays Homage to Silly Frenchman

Global Warming is a hot topic here at A Perfect Contradiction. Since it is literally freezing today (mid April), and all of the spring flowers have pretty much died from the cold, I thought today would be a good day to review a global warming story I covered back in Feb...

Chirac Threatens U.S. with Trade Sanctions
The self-proclaimed President of the European Union, Jaques Chiraq, the actual President of France - the self-proclaimed capital of the European Union - has recently given the United States an ultimatum: Sign on to the Kyoto protocol or else!

"A carbon tax is inevitable," Chirac is quoted as saying in in the NYT's on Feb 2, 2007, "the countries that do not accept the minimum obligations will be obliged to pay."

This is not an idle threat. The European Union represents the strongest collective economic block in the world. According to wiki (I know, I know... take it with a grain of salt)

The European Union is the largest political and economic entity on the European continent, with around 500 million people and an estimated GDP of US$13.4 trillion (1st in the World if ranked).

The theory behind the EU is something like: Alone vie are tineey and stupeeed, but togetharr we are POWERFUL ... and stupeeed.

The United States will probably be forced into a similar alliance with Mexico and Canada in order to remain competitive in the world economy in the next 25 years or so... but back to Chirac.

The self-proclaimed president of the EU makes a frightening point... that a "carbon" tax is likely to become a reality. There is no real reason for this: Global warming is bogus; however, as long as scientists are given awards and grants for claiming Global warming is real, politicians will be able to use scare tactics in order to gain more of their two favorite things: money and power. In this case, France is trying to use the EU to gain more money and power.

The United States is the world economic superpower. The EU is working to knock the US off this position and to keep America from regaining this title. Global warming is as convenient a justification for tearing down free trade than any other. The EU, in a guise of being a friend to the planet, simply taxes the United States as punishment for our alleged transgressions. We are forced to choose between signing onto a treaty that would cripple our economy, which would help make the EU the world economic superpower, or face economic sanctions, which would help make the EU the world economic superpower.

Keep Chirac in mind next time you go shopping for perfume, wine, cosmetics, etc.

I bolded the relevant section. Back in February, I expressed concern over a possible carbon tax. Chirac said it all when he said, "A carbon tax is inevitable," and I explained it all when I said, "as long as scientists are given awards and grants for claiming Global warming is real, politicians will be able to use scare tactics in order to gain more of their two favorite things: money and power."

This past week the inevitable took one step closer to becoming reality when John Edwards decided that if he becomes President the carbon tax will become a reality.

Edwards proposes greenhouse gas plan
FORT MYERS, Fla. - America should charge industry for creating greenhouse gases to generate money for investing in clean technology, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said Saturday.

"People ought to have to pay that want to generate greenhouse gases," Edwards said at a global warming rally that was part of a nationwide day of demonstrations.

Edwards said charging polluters could generate up to $40 billion to invest in clean technology to "get us off our addiction to oil." He also said the United States should ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants.
Read the full story.

Edwards pulled this one right out of Chirac's playbook. I actually think Edwards has a fairly good chance of getting the Democratic nod, but even if he doesn't, the cat is already out of the bag. He is going to run on this policy, it will gain traction with the enviro-idiots, and pretty soon all of the Dem candidates will be spouting that plan. Great, my worst nightmares are officially starting to happen. Wonderful.

Lest anyone who comes across this post thinks that creating a new tax is the solution to anything:

First, "man made" global warming is a THEORY that HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN!!!!

Second, a planet that is a few degrees warmer IS A GOOD THING!!! (Longer crop cycles = greater prosperity for all mankind)

Third, the "Evil Corporations" will not end up paying one red cent. The "Evil Corporations" will simply raise prices to keep their profit margins in place. This means that a tax on the "Evil Corporations" is really just a hidden tax on your stupid tree hugging @$$es when you pay for the goods and services the "Evil Corporations" provide.

Fourth, this new tax will NOT help fund research. This new tax will simply go into the general fund. From that fund, congress can earmark funds to go to research, but congress does not and will not 1) keep track of how much they are collecting from the carbon tax and 2) ensure that such funds are appropriately dolled out.

Fifth, watch this movie. If you still think global warming is the sort of problem that requires a "carbon tax" to solve it, then there is nothing more I have to say to you except enjoy your koolade, nutjob.

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