Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another sign of progress in Iraq

I'm hesitant to distribute anything from the Washington Post as they tend to focus on negativity and portray anything and everything going on in Iraq as a sign of doom and failure. I believe this snippet was intended to be another harbinger of the four horsemen riding against our brave folks in Iraq but to that end, they failed. I think a deeper look into this graphic and some thought about the actual events described shows real progress on the part of the Iraqi police and on the part of our servicemen in dealing with the guerrilla tactics of the insurgency. When faced with a potent, well-planned and well-coordinated ambush (a sign of interference from professional soldiers from other troublesome "republics" in the area, perhaps) Iraqi police didn't crumble or run away, they worked with US forces to competently suppress the attack and ended up kicking butts and taking names. Milestones like these are important to the confidence of a budding force

The Insurgents' Increasingly Complex Tactics in Ambushes

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