Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jessie Davis, RIP

There is a special place in hell for the kind of monster who kills a pregnant mother and her unborn child. There is a presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, but it doesn't seem particularly likely that police would go after one of their own unless the evedince was compelling. I will wait to see the evidence before I make up my mind; but if ever there were a case for capital punishment, this would be the case.

I live in Ohio, so this case which has sparked national attention has also been of local interest. When Jessie was still missing after 6 days, local opinion was that she was probably dead... but we still had hope that Jessie would return to her family.

During the Friday news conference broadcast on AM 640 WHLO, the Police said they would not have another press conference until Monday unless there was something new to report. At 6:00 PM this evening, the police reported that they found the body they believe is Jessie Davis and that Bobby Cutts has been arrested and charged with 2 counts of murder.

This case is so very sad. Today there will be millions of tears for Jessie and her unborn child. I just feel sick about this. Sick to my stomach and sick in my heart.


Jason said...

Sad thing is, this happens all the time. Murder is the #2 cause of death for pregnant women. It's one of the most dangerous times in a woman's life, and not because of medical complications.

One guess why this case in particular is getting so much attention.

fabulinus said...

I don't know that it happens all the time. Maybe it happens all the time where you live, but not where I live.

The reason this case got so much attention is because 1) it was cast as a missing persons case that brought out thousands of searchers, 2) there was a 2 year old witness of the abduction that said "mommy broke the table, mommy was crying, mommy was in the rug" and 3) the missing mother was due that week.

Why do you think this case got so much attention?