Friday, January 5, 2007

Ancient Global Warming? The Inconvenient Truth

Consider this recent story on Global Warming:

Ancient global warming was jarring, not subtle, study finds

Foreshadowing potential climate chaos to come, early global warming caused unexpectedly severe and erratic temperature swings as rising levels of greenhouse gases helped transform Earth, a team led by researchers at UC Davis said Thursday.
Ancient Global warming?
The global transition from ice age to greenhouse 300 million years ago was marked by repeated dips and rises in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and wild swings in temperature, with drastic effects on forests and vegetation, the researchers reported in the journal Science

This guy nails it right on the head:
Then consider- first- the canonical claim that present levels of global warming are unprecedented, and, secondly, the absence of human beings to cause the greenhouse effect 300 million years ago.

Factor in the mere .025 of greenhouse gasses annually emitted into the atmosphere for which human activity is responsible.

Leads to some interesting questions, nicht wahr? Though I doubt the author of the article ever thought of them.

Bingo! I coundn't have said it better myself. If global warming is over 300 million years old, then man cannot be solely responsible for global warming. On the larger scale, man is so completely insignificant as to be hardly noticable at all. I know there are a lot of people who like to think that man is leaving a indelible mark on this planet; however, it is far more likely that 50,000 years from now the earth will still be here - quite possibly without a single trace that man ever existed.

What is the logical conclusion to be derived from the fact that global warming (and cooling) happen independant of mankind's intervention? Well, for one thing, we no longer have to listen to Al Gore. Now THAT is what I call an Inconvenient Truth!

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