Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Giant Duck of Peace

I saw this on LGF today and got a good laugh out of it

An outraged anti-war protester writes about our post on the Moronic Convergence in Washington DC:

You might want to correct your subtitle for the anti-war protest duck.

It is a PEACE DOVE! I know, I was there.

Also, the sign that says “Just Poop” is a nice way of saying “Sh-t or get off the Pot” in regards to doing something about ending the war/occupation.

I would have posted my comments but your sight seems to be overwhelmed. I can’t register. I hope this info gets added somehow though. You’ve got some pretty ignorant readers out there.

Sue, Philadelphia, PA

Sorry, Sue, but to me this will always be the Giant Duck of Peace.
Giant Duck of Peace

Aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! Giant Duck of Peace. heheheh.

I share Sue's shame... I can't get registered at lgf either.

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