Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thoughts on '08: Democrats

As is a growing trend, I am breaking up this post into segments because it is running long and so I can work on the segments at my leisure

Can you believe how much talk there is about '08? I think the 2008 Presidential Elections will be the most vicious, divisive, ridiculous election yet. The Democrats, coming off of a strong 2006 election season are trying to keep their momentum going through 2008. Unfortunately for them, they will likely repeat the same mistakes they made in '04: the dems will pick a loser.

Here is what I mean: in 2004, the two front runners going into the primaries were a flip-flopping, waffling, whatever-the-consensus-is-at-the-time, poll watching hack who had an extremely weak record on defense (mainly because after Vietnam he slandered his fellow soldiers, repeatedly making accusations which either made him an admitted war criminal OR a liar) and who was largely considered to be "very liberal," John Kerry. His opponent was the relatively unknown candidate who appeared even weaker on defense. This candidate literally blew his own chances with a resounding YeeeHaaaw!!! The even more liberal, antiwar candidate: Howard Dean.

Neither candidate was a particularly good choice to unseat a relatively popular (at the time), strong on defense, wartime incumbent president. Democrats might point out that the election was still, very, very close; however, the Republicans won across the board. For Democrats, '04 was another step back and a loosing grip on the throat of the American taxpayer.

But then came '06. The lies about Iraq and one-sided reporting, after years of failing to get real traction, finally took hold. The left succeeded in turning the American public against the war effort (otherwise known as the effort to kill terrorists and keep America safe). With public discontent on one of the biggest national issues, and a fair dose of discontent with a Republican congress that failed to keep promises and lost sight of its conservative values, the democrats were able to win enough seats in the House and Senate to turn the political tide in D.C.

Believing they have a "mandate" from the people, the Democrats have begun down a path of self-destruction. From "symbolic resolutions" to threats of impeachment, the Dems are pursuing an extremely risky approach to governance. With only razor thin margins in the House and Senate, the Democrats must walk a fine line. Unfortunately for Democrats, they don't know where that line is, and they continue to cross it.

Speaking of crossing the line, Kerry did it.. again.

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