Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union: Blogging Live

Live from my living room, clad in flannel pajams, I am blogging live on the State of the Union.

Laura Bush and Lynn Cheney just came out. Laura looks lovely in that red dress.

The Supreme Court is walking out. Not much to say about them.

Madam Speaker, the President's Cabinet: (applause) Rice, and company minus Gonzales

Michael J Fox was pointed out as being in the crowd. He looked suprisingly well... no massive swaying or erratic jerks. I can't help but think back to his '06 political commercial. Limbaugh said he looked like he was off his med's or faking it. Limbaugh received a ton of criticism for that remark, BUT I have seen Fox on a number of occasions since the commercial and he has NOT appeared as sick as he did in that commercial.

It's taking quite a while for this shin dig to get started. Lots of milling about and shaking hands. Typical, but I don't remember it quite taking this long in year's past.

Since I had a minute, I will comment on Pelosi's outfit... ack, no time: here comes the President...

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