Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sate of Union III

We must remove conditions which create blind hatred. Terrorists hate most: freedom. Free people are not drawn toward malignant ideologies. We serve our own interest when we help moderate governments.

We see desire for freedom throughout middle east. (Hahahaha McCain looks like he is sleeping)12 million Iraqis showed up to vote.

Our enemies have seen this and have adjusted their tactics. Assassinations, sectarian provocation, etc.

Iranian support of death squads in Iraq (hrm!).

It is still within our power to shape this battle, let us turn towards victory (full ovation) Give our soldiers the troops they need to complete their mission. The Iraqi's are not yet ready to do this on their own. We are deploying more troops to Iraq. Majority to Baghdad. Others to Anbar province to put down gorillas. Orders are to find terrorists and clear them out.

We did not drive terrorists out of Afghanistan only to let them set up shop in Iraq. Iraq must step up to the plate also. Iraq's leaders have committed to benchmarks to rebuild Iraq, local elections, oil revenue sharing, etc. But to make this happen, their capitol must be secure.

This new course of action provides best chance of success. If troops pull out, civil war, chaos, victory for the terrorists. To allow this to happen would be to ignore lesson of 9/11. We must spare the American people from this danger.

This is where we stand. We went into this united. Whatever you voted for you did not vote for failure. support the troops in the field and those on their way. (full ovation).

War on terror is generational struggle. We must work together to see this threat through. Create special bi-partisan advisory committee in war on terror.

Authorize increase in size of military.

Establish volunteer design core (civilian reserves? THAT is interesting)

Iran may not acquire nuclear weapons (full standing ovation). UN EU Russia all working for peace in middle east. NATO taking lead in Afghanistan. China, Japan, South Korea working to keep Asia free of nuclear weapons.

Save the people of Cuba, Darfour (SP?).

America is more than war and diplomacy. We take on poverty, hunger, AIDS (especially in Africa). 50,000 up to 800,000 receiving aids meds in Africa. We must also support Malaria.

Let us continue to support trade and debt relief to eliminate poverty.

Show generosity of our people.

(Some NBA star originally from Africa shown as good example of humanity, Baby Einstein creator: good example of American business/social entrepreneur, NYC man jumped onto track to save anothers life:Brave and humble man. Sgt. Reiman used own body as shield to protect his fellow soldier... refused medical treatment to continue in battle, awarded silver star, earned respect and gratitude of our entire country)

We have been through a lot together. The state of our union is strong. Our goals are just.

The end.

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