Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Live: State of the Union Coverage II

Live from my living room, clad in my flannel pajama's, the President is now walking down the aisle.

The President's tie looks remarkably similar to the tie Barack Obama was wearing. Same looking blue from across the room.

I was surprised at how short Obama is compared to the rest of the crowd. He is a short man with Big Ears. Kinda reminds me of Ross Perot in that sense. I wonder if Hillary will agree with that sentiment come primary time.

Lots of clapping so far... reminds me of golf clapping. These people don't genuinely seem happy to be here.

The President's first words: How Ya doin. Then to Pelosi: You ready to go?

The first comment Bush makes in his speech was a remark on being the first President to have the privilege to say "Madame Speaker"

Again, another comment (kissing up?) to Pelosi.

Second remarks were about two congressmen who were absent (sick).

Enough formalities, on to the show:

Courage is needed. New endeavors. Much is asked of us. We must have the wisdom to face our enemies.

Congratulations to the Democrat Majority (sucking up, more formality)

Purpose: solve problems, spend wisely, confront problems etc.

We have a growing economy. 41 months of growing economy. Low unemployment, low inflation. We need more enterprise, less government. (applause)

3 economic priorities.

1 Balance federal budget - do so without raising taxes. (much applause from republicans) Need spending discipline. Cut deficit in half 3 years ahead of schedule.
Plan to balance budget within 5 years. (that one is out the window when a new president comes in).

2 Need to get rid of earmarks. 13,000 earmarks in 2005. Let's reform process of earmarks (hahaha.. lets stop it now that Dems are in control. ahahahahahah)

3 Keep Social Security, medicare, Medicaid sound. We know there is a problem, we haven't done anything to fix it (No kidding. Bush made the problem worse with new entitlements)

Education Priorities:
5 years ago No Child Left Behind put in place. NCLB is having success. Increase funds for struggling children? WHAT!!! throw more money at the students who don't do well? That doesn't make sense.

Affordable and available health care:
Should be available to all: We should care for elderly, disabled, and young children.

2 new initiatives to help medical insurance/coverage

1 tax deductible health coverage (good idea). Helps those who have health care, helps put it in reach for those who don't

2 States which provide universal health care should be given grants for the young and for the elderly.

Expand health savings accounts. Help small business with health plans. Reduce costs in medical errors with better information technology (thanks big brother). Medical liability reform (republicans stand... shoulda got that one through last year)

Patients and Doctors should make decisions, not insurance companies (hey we got Kerry to stand for that one)

Secure borders:

Double border patrol. Push temporary worker program (Boooooooo). Give companies the tools to discover their workers citizenship (good luck with that, here comes the ACLU). NO amnesty? (since when?). Comprehensive immigration reform... yadayaddayada.

Energy Needs: Too much dependence on oil. Must diversify energy supply. More money for energy research. Ethanol, clean burning diesel, nuclear, battery powered cars, etc. Goal: Reduce gasoline use by 10% in next 25 years. (Hrm...) 3/4 of oil from middle east reduction if plan is successful.

Modernize car MPG standards. More domestic drilling.

This will help prevent Global Climate Change (full standing ovation): (President and cheney drank water at exact same time. heh.)

Senate has duty to give nominees for fed judges a prompt up or down vote.

5 years since 9/11. We are now debating the track in the war on terror. This is a good thing. One thing is settled, we must take the fight to the enemy (full standing ovation).

The days of easy financing, free movement, etc are over for terrorists. Some of the plots we have stopped:

1 plane into LA building
2 (didn't catch it)
3 anthrax cell
4 bombs in planes from UK

(full standing ovation)

America is still a nation at war. This war began before 9/11 and terrorists will not stop until they achieve their goals. All civilized society has opposite goals.

Terrorist goals: overthrow moderate governments, set up terrorist camps, spread ideology. Al qaeda is just one camp in radical Islamist movement. Sunni's (Sunni's?!?), Hezbolla, etc.

We will use all methods available to find enemies and protect American people.

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