Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thoughts on '08: Democrats: Hillary Clinton

There is a tremendous amount of attention being given to the 2008 Presidential Elections. I believe '08 will be the most vicious, divisive, ridiculous election yet. I've been writing a series on the '08 elections, Thoughts of '08.

Originally, I planned on making this all one post, however, my ambition sometimes gets the better of me. There is no way I could talk about the Democrats, Republicans, and all of the front runners, and keep it down to just one post. It seems every day a few more Presidential hopefuls throw their hat into the race, and I just can't keep up. Instead of trying to do one comprehensive post, it makes a lot more sense to look at all of the elements individually, one at a time. This post will focus on one Democrat front-runner who in considered by many to have a lock on the '08 election.

This post will focus on the shrill, middle-aged, socialist, woman who has already spent 8 years in the White House with her perjuring, philandering husband: Hillary Clinton. This woman has more baggage and skeleton's in her closet than perhaps any other candidate. That she is considered a front runner for the '08 Elections is a marvel.

Even if Hillary were everything her supporters claim she is, she still must overcome the fact that she is a woman running for a position traditionally held exclusively by men. It doesn't make you a chauvinist to point this out.It does not make one a chauvinist to point out that not all of America is going to be on board with the idea of a woman President.

America is a "melting pot" full of sometimes goopy, sometimes chunky, sometimes slimy, mixing, melting, melding "stuff". In this melting pot we find: Ethnic groups with long traditions of gender defined roles and positions in society; Elderly voters who will typically tend to have a more traditional approach to gender roles; ethnic groups that will vote along party lines, haters: actual bonafide chauvinists, bigots, and the like. Hillary will not get these votes. Not in the primaries. Not in the general election.

America will not elect a woman as president in '08. Not yet, not during a time of war, and certainly not if the woman running is Hillary Clinton.

Even if Hillary gets the Democratic nod, she is going to need help to win the White House. Republican women will not cross party lines just to make a "gender vote."

The Democrats I know are largely union members who have strong negative feelings towards minorities in general, strong negative feelings towards gays, and strong negative feelings about women in positions of power. Those Democrats, who seem to be in the strong majority where I live, are NOT going to vote for Hillary. (They won't vote for Obama either, for that matter)

The fact that she is a woman aside, Hillary is one of the most polarizing figures in America. The Clintons are hated and vilified on the right. I am a former Clinton supporter. In my youth, I bought into the MTV image of Bill Clinton with the saxophone. As I matured, as I paid closer attention to politics and current events, as I became educated and gained a degree in Political Science, I started to see the Clintons for what they really are: Narcissists who want nothing more than money, power, and fame... and they will stop at nothing to get these thing. They will stop at nothing.

Conservatives tend to see the Clintons for what they are. If any candidate would be capable of lighting a fire under conservative America, it is Hillary. Even if she could win the Democratic Primary (I don't think she can), she will NOT win the general election. It will never happen.

On another note, I don't believe Hillary will win American Idol this year, either.

Next time she sings the National Anthem, she should make sure she knows all the words.

Stealing a line from Sean Hannity, "Let your heart not be troubled," Hillary can't win. Despite the all the warnings from the likes of Dick Morris, Sean Hannity, and the stop Hillary crowd, I do not believe Hillary can win. She is unelectable.

The Democrats aren't stupid, so they probably already know all of this. I predict a white male gets the Democratic nod. Likewise on the Republican side. I think America does want the privilege of a woman president and a minority president. I doubt very much that when it happens it will be a Democrat, but I believe it will happen in my lifetime. I just don't believe it is going to happen in this election cycle.

Next time on Thoughts on '08, Barack Obama. As you can tell from above, I don't think he as much of a chance, and I'll tel you why.

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