Friday, March 9, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle: A Review

No, unfortunately this isn't my review. I have not had the good fortune to see this yet, but I imagine it is only a matter of time till it pops up on the net and I'll get a chance to see it. In the mean time, enjoy the following review from the EU Referendum:

...back here in the UK, Channel 4 Television was showing a documentary entitled "The Great Global Warming Swindle" which was the most effective popular debunking of the Global Warming Scam I have ever seen.

What came over with crystal clarity from the programme was the fragility of the science supporting the global warming thesis, and the strength of the science supporting the arguments that the primary driver of climate change was the sun.
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Anonymous said...

If you missed the documentary, you can get it here.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

here is another one

Here is the web page of the documentary.