Saturday, March 10, 2007

Obama's Children Targeted By Online Pervert

I've not been sure how to handle this story. I imagine that is why the press has been ignoring it.

via The Smoking Gun

Obama Tangles With Online Pervert
Photos of pol's daughters were posted on pedophile's web site
MARCH 4--Senator Barack Obama is threatening legal action against a self-described pedophile who has posted photos of the Democratic politician's young daughters on a web site that purports to handicap the 2008 presidential campaign by evaluating the "cuteness" of underage daughters and granddaughters of White House aspirants.

The sick, disgusting freak, and admitted pedophile, who is posting pictures of Presidential hopefuls children and grandchildren is apparently a foreigner not living in America.

I think it is pretty awful that anyone would do such a thing. I can't help but think we ought to send a special ops team down to find this guy and take him out.

In a loosely related story, Texas is considering making repeat child molestation is capital offense. I think this is a great idea:
Legislators OK death for some pedophiles
Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau

AUSTIN — Individuals found guilty twice under a new criminal offense called "ongoing sexual abuse" of children could get the death penalty under a bill tentatively approved Monday by the Texas House.

The bill, passing 118-23, targets pedophiles abusing children over an extended period with the death penalty or life without parole, a narrower use of capital punishment than a measure the House withdrew last week amid concerns about its constitutionality.

Does anyone object to this? Anyone? My ONLY objection is that they have to be convicted of the crime twice in order to face the death penalty. I think they ought to face the gallows on the first offence, or at the very least face a chemical castration.


Anonymous said...

Only problem with Chemical Castration is that it isn't permanent and must be repeated every month or two to maintain effect. I say shoot them.

fabulinus said...

I wouldn't have any problem with requiring, as a prerequisite of parole, that the pedophile be required to undergo monthly treatment to maintain the chemical castration at the pedophile's expense. That as opposed to a life sentence seems fair to me, but yeah, shooting them is good too.