Saturday, February 17, 2007

21 Suspected Al Qaeda Terrorists Detained

BAGHDAD, Iraq –Coalition Forces detained 21 suspected terrorists during raids targeting foreign fighters and the al-Qaeda in Iraq network Saturday morning.

During operations in Ramadi, Coalition Forces targeted terrorists with ties to al-Qaeda’s senior leaders. The raids netted a suspected leader of improvised explosive devices and sniper cell networks in the Ramadi area. Seven others suspects were detained, including three believed to have close ties to senior al-Qaeda leaders and a foreign fighter facilitation network.

Coalition Forces also detained 11 suspected terrorists including an alleged senior level vehicle-borne improvised explosive device cell leader in the Baghdad area. Intelligence reports indicate one of the suspected terrorists is involved in anti-Coalition Force activities, including the procurement of weapons and supporting foreign fighters.

The suspected senior-level VBIED cell leader was detained with two of his associates in a Baghdad hospital. The hospital administration was very helpful during the operation and the detention occurred without incident or damage to the facility.

In Karabilah, two suspects were detained with alleged ties to a foreign fighter facilitation network.

Coalition Forces are working diligently to eliminate foreign terrorists and al-Qaeda supporters who are trying to hijack the development and building of a new stable and peaceful Iraq.

More progress in Iraq. It looks like the surge is the right idea. More men on the ground means easier work routing the terrorists. Don't expect to read this on the front page of the NYTs, though. They typically only care to report body counts. Why let the American people know we are WINNING the war in Iraq? If they found that out, there would be no reason to pass symbolic resolutions to undermine the war effort.

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