Saturday, February 17, 2007

Clinton's Iraq Plan: Cut and Run

With victory in sight, Hillary Clinton has a different idea on how to win in the War on Terror - 3 takes on one story:

Hillary Clinton urges phased withdrawal from Iraq
(AFP) - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton called in an online video for US troop levels to be locked at January levels and urged a phased US withdrawal from Iraq.

"We have to end this war in a smart way, not a Republican or a Democratic way, but a way that makes us safer and gets our troops home as soon as possible," Clinton says in the video. "If (President) George Bush doesn't end this war before he leaves office, when I'm president, I will."

The SMART way to end the war is TO WIN ! Cutting and running, forcing our soldiers to retreat with their tails between their legs, will NOT make us safer. If Democrats think the world has lost respect for the United States now, just wait and see what happens if the Dems force a pull-out and allow the terrorists to take over Iraq.
Clinton dodges arrows on '02 Iraq vote
HOLLY RAMER, Associated Press Writer

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton told New Hampshire voters Saturday that ending the war in Iraq is more important than whether she repudiates her 2002 vote authorizing President Bush to use military force there.


Clinton introduced legislation late Friday that would require the Pentagon to begin pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq three months after the bill becomes law — an unlikely scenario with the number of Republicans in Congress and Bush's veto power.

"It's time to say the redeployment should start in 90 days or we will revoke authorization for this war," Clinton said in a statement.

Notice how the AP introduces Hillary's cut and run policy in an article about how she is "dodging arrows" for her 02 vote to authorize the war in Iraq. Whereas the two topics are related, the narrative is that Hillary is facing heat from the left for her centrist like behavior in voting to authorize the war in Iraq. They mention, in passing, that Hillary is demanding that we cut and run in 90 days or else! I speculate that reporting the narrative "Hillary wants to cut and run in 90 days" would not be popular with the majority of Americans, so mentioning it in a related story softens the blow. This, of course, is evidence of bias, but everyone basically accepts the US press is biased.

The foreign press is generally biased too; however, they don't particularly worry about which narrative they use when introducing information that would be damning to an American politician. Which is why the AFP uses the term phased withdrawal instead of "phased redeployment" and Reuters didn't worry about couching the truth in a related narrative:
Clinton urges start of Iraq pullout in 90 days
(Reuters) - U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the early front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, has called for a 90-day deadline to start pulling American troops from Iraq.

Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton, has been criticized by some Democrats for supporting authorization of the war in 2002 and for not renouncing her vote as she seeks the U.S. presidency in next year's election.

"Now it's time to say the redeployment should start in 90 days or the Congress will revoke authorization for this war," the New York senator said in a video on her campaign Web site, repeating a point included in a bill she introduced on Friday.

See how Reuters gets straight to it. They call it what it is, a pull out, and get right to the point in doing so.

You know we heard time and again that the democrats had a "plan" for Iraq. We heard that it was a "better" plan and that it would win the war and bring our soldiers home. The democrats were able to get elected on this "plan." At the time I often said there was a silver lining in the Republican loss in 06. The silver lining was that it became put up or shut up time for the Democrats. They were an impotent party, the political minority, without representation in the White House and with no real power in the House and Senate. Well now that they have control of both houses of Congress, and what is their plan exactly? Cut and run. Retreat. Run and hide. A vote for Hillary is a vote for defeat in Iraq.

We have all heard the Democrat plan. "Symbolic" resolutions, cutting funds, and forcing a pull-out. Hmmm... Where is their plan to win?

Sad but true

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