Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hillary's Plan to Defeat Obama

She will simply buy the black vote.

Looking in the wayback machine, we see that Hillary bought off a prominent Black leader in SC, a Congressman who has accepted a $10,000 a month "consulting" contract to deliver the black vote in South Carolina.

Now she is promising aid for minority students:

Clinton seeks aid for minority students


"This achievement gap is deeply troubling to me," Clinton said. "If we don't invest in our children, our society and our economy will decline. This is not just something nice to do, this is something that we have to do."

Clinton, a New York senator and former first lady, spoke and took questions for an hour from the mostly black audience of 300 in the Liberty City neighborhood. The event was sandwiched between fundraisers in Tampa, Miami and Hollywood that were closed to the press.


"She's showing us, 'Look, the black community has been a major supporter and I want to keep you as a major supporter.' It's a clear message. I don't think it was subtle,"

Clinton defends consulting contract
JIM DAVENPORT, Associated Press Writer

FLORENCE, S.C. - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday denied that her campaign traded money for an endorsement from one of South Carolina's most influential black politicians.

Right, I mean sure, it LOOKS like she is buying the black vote, but really, this is all very innocent, she isn't afraid of Obama, or anything, right?

Notice how the people she cares most about (prominent black congressmen who can deliver the black vote) get real money - her money - while the people she cares less about (people who cannot deliver more than their one vote) get only promises of money - federal money.

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