Monday, February 26, 2007

Interesting Twist on Foiled Kidnapping

I'm sure by now most people have seen this story:

Man sought in foiled Florida kidnapping
By ADRIAN SAINZ, Associated Press Writer

MIAMI - A 13-year-old boy bound to a tree in the woods foiled a kidnapping-for-ransom plan by using a safety pin, his teeth and his hands to escape, police said Sunday.

What and amazing story of survival.

I noticed something odd in the story, though, buried close to the end of the story:
Beltran, a native of Mexico, had worked at the farm three years ago, but later became a laborer for an aluminum contractor, Bristow said.

That this guy came from Mexico is no big deal... or is it. The guy came from Mexico and worked on a farm for three years before taking a manufacturing job. Is this guy a legal immigrant?

More importantly, if he is an illegal alien, why on earth is the AP hiding this fact from the American people?

I did a news search with the guy's name and the term alien (and his name with the term illegal). I only came up with two sources, both blogs.

A blog called News Busters states:
And here's what didn't make it into the AP wire report. So much for the public's right to know.
Wells said obtaining the warrants took longer than expected due to the suspected kidnapper's multiple aliases. Beltran-Moreno is an undocumented immigrant who at one time was deported from the United States.

Amazing, this guy is an illegal immigrant. Why isn't that being reported in the press?!?!

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