Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another Day, Another Terrorist in Iraq Captured

Coalition Forces Capture Senior-Level Leader In Bombing Network
Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO

BAGHDAD – Members of the Ninewa Iraqi Special Weapons and Tactics team captured a suspected insurgent leader Feb. 17 during operations with Coalition advisers in eastern Mosul. The suspect is reportedly linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq and is tied to several recent attacks targeting Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces in the area.
Iraqi forces carried out operations with minimal damage and there were no Iraqi civilian, Iraqi forces or Coalition Forces casualties.

No casualties, the US press probably won't report it. It seems like we are making LOTS of progress in Iraq lately, though you wouldn't know it from the US press and you definitly wouldn't know it listening to Congress.
I *think* this is the same story, just more detail:
BAGHDAD – Coalition Forces captured a suspected insurgent leader during early-morning operations Feb. 17 in the Adhamiyah district of Baghdad. The suspect is reported to be a leader within an improvised explosive device and car-bomb network believed responsible for planning and conducting car-bomb attacks against Iraqi civilians and Iraqi Security Forces in the Baghdad area. He is implicated in several bomb attacks that are responsible for inciting sectarian violence in northern Baghdad.

Credible intelligence indicated the suspect was using an area hospital as a safe haven to avoid capture during ongoing security operations. Coalition Forces established security around the Al Numan Hospital and entered the hospital. Coalition Forces immediately met and coordinated with hospital staff to facilitate the search and quickly detained the suspect. Hospital staff provided information on two other persons staying overnight, but who were not listed as patients. Coalition Forces detained these individuals, believed to be associates of the insurgent leader, in a room next to where the insurgent leader was staying.

Coalition Forces worked closely with hospital staff to minimize time spent in the facility and their aid was crucial in the quick identification and detainment of the suspected insurgents.

Coalition Forces operations caused no damage and minimal disturbance to patients.

The operation occurred without incident.

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Vigilante said...

I am so very, very, very glad to hear that
"we are making LOTS of progress in Iraq"
but I have two questions:

(1)Do we have secure ground transportation between the Baghdad Airport and the Green Zone yet?

(2)Do we have the ass-hole who launched the 9-11 attack against us - the guy Bush said could run but couldn't hide - what's his name? (Osama been Missin'?)

Take a deep breath and have another glass of Kool-Aide.