Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Iranian Connection: Part V

Top spy: Iran training Iraqis to use explosives

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran is training anti-American Iraqi Shi'ites at sites inside Iran and Lebanon in the use of armor-piercing munitions blamed for the deaths of 170 U.S. troops in Iraq, the top U.S. intelligence official said on Tuesday.

The case against Iran becomes stronger everyday. It is merely a matter of time until this reaches a boiling point. Now the big question, I think, is this: Are we going to wait until Iran is a nuclear power or take them out before that happens?


edpat said...

So..it's OK for us to talk about 'taking out' Iran, but when they use that language about Israel it's World War 3?

There is NO case against Iran except that they sell oil in Euros (and their opposition to american cultural/economic expansionism, which doesn't count because, clearly, anyone opposed to these things doesn't belong on the planet..)

fabulinus said...

You, sir, are delusional. Iran has been funding terrorism and actively engaging in a concerted effort to overthrow the Iraqi government and kill American soldiers. THAT is why it is OK to take out the Iranian GOVERNMENT and the terrorists who prop it up. And your attempt at moral equivalism is an epic failure. Iranians preach hatred for and the entire annhilation of an entire group of people. No-one advocates the wholesale slaughter of Iranians in the same way they want to kill off jews. Rabid islamo-facism is a cancer on the Arab world and it needs to be surgically removed. That means minimizing casualties to the innocents and replacing the GOVERNMENT, not killing off all the people. "Taking out Iran" is not at all the same thing as what Iran wants to do to Isreal.