Friday, February 2, 2007

Thoughts on '08: Republicans: McCain

I think the 2008 Presidential Elections will be the most vicious, divisive, ridiculous election yet. This year the Democrats will probably pick another loser: Shrillary won't win, Obama won't win, Biden won't win, Kucinich won't win, Edwards won't win, Gore won't win... it's slim pickens for the Democrats, and unless they can pull a Lieberman out of their hoohoo's - that is a Democrat who has broad appeal on both sides of the aisle, and who can be trusted with foreign policy and waging the war on Terror - the Democrats are going to have another disappointing national election.

If the Democrats can't pick a winner, then the election becomes the Republicans' to lose; but conservative America cannot get too excited. There were lessons to be learned in '06. Complacency will not win the election. Winning this election is going to take a lot of hard work, and a true conservative candidate who can motivate our base. The Republicans lost '06 because the Republican candidates had lost their way. They weren't conservative fiscally, and they lacked the moral conviction to do the right thing. Most of the Republicans who did lose lost to Democratic candidates who ran on a more conservative platform than the incumbent Republicans.

For the Republicans to win, they will need a charismatic, intelligent, well spoken candidate who truly represents the ideals of conservatism and is a patriot through and though. John McCain is NOT that man.

Forget this fool. He's going nowhere

John McCain, though ever so slightly more principled than John Kerry, is just about as far to the left as Kerry. McCain is a RINO (Republican in name only, for anyone who doesn't know). I'd talk about his conservative principals, but he doesn't have any.

John McCain SHOULD have no chance of getting the Republican nomination, but the press will be pulling hard for him. The liberal media wants John McCain to get the republican nod for a few reasons:

1) It guarantees a liberal president in '08.

2) He is VERY beatable. If he wins the Republican nomination then it becomes the Democrats' election to lose.

3) Even if he wins it all, Republicans, particularly conservatives, still lose big.

If John McCain gets the republican nomination, it is like the Democrats get two nominations and we get squat.

In a McCain versus Lieberman race (I don't think this race would ever happen) I would vote Lieberman.

Here is what to expect: McCain will get a LOT of press coverage. He is a media darling and will get favorable coverage throughout the republican primaries. He is not a front runner, but he will get front runner treatment until the bitter end.

To illustrate this point, I think I will post the weekly pajamasmedia straw poll. Far from being a scientific poll, we cannot draw any concrete conclusions from this data, however, it is persuasive evidence of the Anti-McCain sentiment on the right.

Week One
Only 5%

Week Two
Less than 5%

It's a pretty clear NO for McCain.

I'll keep updating this post as I see fit.

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