Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fly High you Eagles, soar

Fly High you Eagles, soar
On you we all depend.
To serve, to stand, support our war,
Our fallen to defend.
Stand firm, stand brave before our Wall;
Deal those a sorry fate,
Who answer Fonda's hateful call:
Our nation they must hate.

Fly high you Eagles, soar,
Your keen eyes see below,
The leftist fools oppose this war,
To them no low's too low.
They seek our Wall to desecrate,
To enhance their losing cause;
They seek to doom our nation's fate;
They see nothing but our flaws.

Fly high you Eagles, soar,
Above those who seek defeat,
Who seek submission, nothing more,
To a terror they can't meet.
They falter when the course is long;
They're weak-willed, failed and bitter;
Got it all entirely wrong,
So typical of a quitter.

Fly high you Eagles, soar,
Stand proud before our Wall;
You are the nation's heart, the core,
The essence of us all.
Know that we stand there with you,
In spirit and in soul,
America's not lost, not through,
We've a long, long way to go.

Fly high you Eagles, soar, from your lofty, special station,
Know this is true forever more; you've the blessing of your nation.

Russ Vaughn
Vietnam Veteran

Russ Vaughn is a friend of mine and he asked me to share this poem and raise awareness about the Gathering of Eagles, the "patriotic response of veterans and other supporters to the announced intention of the leftist-led, anti-war movement to march on the Pentagon on March 17th."

Russ writes:
When it became known that they intend to commence their march at the Vietnam War Memorial, the Wall, veterans groups all over the country began to organize a watch group for that and the other war memorials in that area of the Washington Mall to insure they will not be defaced or disrespected by these marchers as was our Capitol during a previous antiwar demonstration.

I have written some strongly worded lyrics to a song which I hope some musician will be able to set to some vigorous music. The lyrics will be featured on T-shirts being made up for the gathering. The T-shirt designer has asked me to refrain from disseminating the lyrics until he has his product ready to go, so I will send them to you when possible. I think you will appreciate the sentiments they express. By the way, my remuneration for this effort is the pledge of one extra-large T-shirt and nothing more

In the meantime, I have written a supportive poem, Fly High You Eagles, Soar...

I am happy to raise awareness and share Russ's work. If you are a patriot who supports the troops, and you do not wish to see our national monuments to our troops defaced by anti-war idiots that line up to listen to the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Hanoi Jane Fonda, please support their effort by raising awareness on your blog, or by donating to this cause, or by showing up to defend our national monuments on March 17th. Word of mouth is the only way we have to raise awareness. The press loves to report about the war detractors, but never about those who support the troops.

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Lady J USA said...

Great Poem! I hope you dont mind but I linked this post in my blog

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fabulinus said...

The poem belongs to Russ Vaughn, and as far as I know, he is more than happy for people to reproduce his works for non-commercial purposes.