Tuesday, February 6, 2007

al Ja-PWNED (like al capone)

Al Capone was a notorious gangster thug and ruthless thief who ruled a criminal empire.

Al Jazeera is the a propaganda machine of radical Islamo-fascism.

What do you get when you cross a radical propaganda machine with a ruthless thief?

Al Ja PWN'd (or pwn3d or PWND or PWNED or PWNT, whichever you prefer).

For those of you not up on your l33t speak, and who don't play online video games, PWN means "own", pwnage means "ownage", you were "pwned" means literally you were "owned". It is an online insult. It means "I own you" which means that you have been dominated severely.

I read this morning, via lgf, that Al Jazeera hot linked a photo from Snapped Shot. Hotlinking is a form of bandwidth theft in which one website steals bandwidth from another by directly linking to content, a picture or movie for example, instead of downloading the content and uploading it to their own server, thereby hosting the content themselves.

The risk you run when hot linking a file is that the content provider could remove or change the location of the content, creating a broken image or movie link on the hotlinker's site, or swap out the content with something else, like an advertisement for porn or some other objectionable content.

Al Jazeera broke web etiquette by hotlinking without permission. They neither asked Snapped Shot for permission to use the image, gave Snapped Shot credit as the source of the image, nor did they get permission to use Snapped Shot's servers to host the file. Snapped Shot responded by teaching al Jazeera a valuable lesson about hotlinking content. Snapped Shot switched out the picture on their server with a picture reminiscent of the Danish Mohammad cartoons.

As of 3:00PM (Eastern) this afternoon the Mohammad-looking picture is still up.

I laughed for about 10 minutes straight when I saw that Al Jazeera STILL had the picture up over 5 hours after the content was switched. Amazing!

Al Jazeera is publishing a picture of what looks like Mohammad as a terrorist.

Click here to see if it is still up. Amazing.

UPDATE: Other bloggers point out correctly that AlJazeera.com is not affiliated with aljazeera.net (lgf: "except ideologically"). The .net jazeera is the famous Islamo-Fascist propaganda machine television network, while the .com is a less famous Islamo-Fascist propaganda magazine.

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