Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Irrelevance of Liberal Hypocrisy

Why Richard Thompson Ford’s opinion doesn't matter. (He's a moonbat)

Stanford Law School Professor and author of Racial Culture: A Critique,Richard Thompson Ford, recently wrote an article on Slate claiming Joe Biden’s latest racist sentiments, that Barack Obama is "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" do not matter ostensibly because 1) he is a Democrat and 2) actions speak louder than words.

Ford claims LBJ was a racist, but still passed civil rights legislation, therefore, LBJ’s "professional and personal dealings seem free of the stain of bigotry." In other words, actions speak louder than words.

Ford continues his point:

By contrast ... one need not think President Bush a bigot in his heart to think that his reaction to Hurricane Katrina bore the hallmarks of racial insensitivity. If Bush didn't care about black people in New Orleans, that was not because of his personal racial animus, but because of his institutional priorities. This was not a political constituency that mattered to him.

... a political party or executive branch that allows racial prejudice and indifference to affect decisions is a larger problem than the bias of an individual. Presidents don't make decisions in a vacuum—they make them as leaders of administrations and in reaction to political pressures. So, their decisions are more like institutional decisions. A president who resists the pressures to ignore the needs of relatively powerless minority groups, like the Katrina victims, is one who deserves our support—whatever his latent personal attitudes. My vote's with the next LBJ

Translation: Sure, Biden may be a racist at heart, and Bush may not be a racist at heart, but it is better to have a racist like Biden as president, who we can pressure to stick up for minorities, than a President like Bush, who is not a racist but will fail to stick up for minorities because Republican administrations do not favor minorities or feel their political pressure.

Let me break this down a little: Liberals like Stanford School of Law Professor Rich Ford believe that it is OK for Democratic leadership, even the President of the United states, to be bigoted racists... as long as they are Democrats. As long as they are "one of us."

Republican Racism = Condemnable, nay villifiable
Democrat Racism = No big deal.

Of course this is blatant hypocrisy, but Stanford Law Professors can justify such blatant hypocrisy. Rich Ford believes that the entire executive branch, which ironically is composed heavily of lifelong bureaucrats of both the Republican and Democratic persuasion, becomes a racially prejudiced branch of government, indifferent to the plight of minorities and immune to their political pressure when a Republican is in office; however, when a Democrat is President, even when he is a bigoted racist, the executive branch magically transforms into an institution which reacts to political pressures in favor of minorities.

Put another way, Rich Ford believes that it’s OK for Democratic Leadership to be racist because ultimately the racist leadership must appease their voting base, which is comprised of many black voters.

The irrelevance of liberal hypocrisy is this: no-one cares that a distinguished law professor from an elite Ivy League Law School, who is himself a minority, will write an amazingly hypocritical article downplaying remarks made by a disgusting racist like Joe Biden. The article will go largely unnoticed and pass quietly away into the garbage heap of history.

Here is the relevance of liberal hypocrisy: You get what you vote for. Enjoy your racist leadership, you deserve it for voting for them.

And a final note for Stanford Law School: You are only as good as your faculty.

Ford's Thinking at work:

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