Friday, February 23, 2007

With Arms Wide Open

I just read something that has me as excited as a kid on Christmas Morning.
via Barking Moonbat,

The Law Of Unintended Consequences may be about to strike Democrats in the Senate. They have been secretly putting together a bill to take back part of the authorization they gave President Bush to invade Iraq and further tie the administration’s hands in the War On Terror.

Now, Joe Lieberman is making noises that if they follow through with their evil plan, he may pull out the knife the Donks stuck in his back last Fall and move over to the Republican Party.

I am a BIG fan of Joe Lieberman. He is probably the one Democrat I would vote for if McCain got the nomination (I know... Joe isn't running).

I know Joe and I are not going to see eye to eye on everything. In fact, I'd probably be calling him a RINO if he'd always been a Republican, but I have more respect for Joe Lieberman than any other Democrat in his party.

A lot of people would see Joe changing his party affiliation as, "Joe leaving the Democratic Party." This could not be farther from the truth. Joe's party is leaving him.

Here is a man, standing his ground, as his party walks away. Further and further to the left they go, but good ole Joe stands his ground. Where does that leave him? He looks to the right, seeing the Republican party, still a ways off to the right from where he is standing, and he looks to the left and watches his party creep ever closer to the edge of a cliff.

As his party goes further and further left, Joe realizes that he may be standing closer to the Republicans than he is to his comrades on the left.

To join the Republican Party, Joe doesn't even need to walk to the right. He can stand his ground, maintain his beliefs and stances, and still be more aligned with the Republicans than the Democrats.

But if Joe does decide to talk a few steps to the right, we will be waiting for him, with balloons, cake, and arms wide open.

Joe, I truly hope you do come a little to the right. There is more than enough room in the Republican party for a good man with strongly held convictions. Maybe we won't be able to count on you all the time for votes on domestic issues, but in trying times we must unite and let our differences not get in the way of our survival. When the threat is passed, and we are again faced with peace, then we can resume our squabbles over less pressing issues.

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Anonymous said...

In theory, he doesn't even need to "become a republican." He's an independent and can simply decide to caucus with the GOP. He can maintain his party non-affiliation.