Sunday, February 18, 2007

Libby Case

I didn't follow the Scooter Libby case very closely. I knew about Wilson and Plame, Wilson's allegations that Iraq intel was faulty, the investigation into who "leaked" Plame's ultra-super-secret identity (she is the real batman, or something), and that some guy with a stupid nickname - I am *hoping* that "Scooter" is a nickname - was indited and tried for tyring to "cover-up" something that I guess wasn't a crime in the first place. I have to be honest, just typing about it now is making me tired (then again it is 2:35 in the morning).

In any event, I finally read an article about the case that seems to do a decent job of cutting through all the he-said/she-said that kept me disinterested in the first place. Viola. An excellent article indeed:

Trial in Error
If You're Going to Charge Scooter, Then What About These Guys?

By Victoria Toensing
Sunday, February 18, 2007; B01

Could someone please explain to me why Scooter Libby is the only person on trial in the Valerie Plame leak investigation?

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the WIZARD, fkap said...

I discovered your blog through your comment over on The Vigil....

I wanted to give you three links which strongly support your opinions and your wrtings about the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame affair and on the outrageous behavior of Special Prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald.

The current trial amounts to one of the worst cases of prosecutorial misconduct in history.

Much better than Toensing's overlong, professorial tome is Ann Coulter's quick witted recitiation of the facts found here: YELLOWCAKE AND YELLOW JOURNALISM Regardless of your opinion of Coulter, she is 100% correct on the facts here.

Next, I point you to the most damning piece of evidence, the recently released tape recorded conversation between Richard Armitage and Bob Woodward, which took place a full month before the Bob Novak piece ever appeared in print. Armitage Said Joe Wilson Told Everyone About Plame

Finally, and very humbly, I point you to just one of my discussions about this abuse of power by a Special Prosecutor, from September 1st of last year, here: Headlines, Page One..... Retractions, Page 20

Thanks for taking the time to post an opposing point of view on vigilante's blog, even though it wasn't well received....

the Wizard.....